Playing Dress-Up

The first romance novels I remember reading in my adolescence, or at least skimming, were Harlequin Presents. Few details stick with me now, but I still remember that getting dressed up was an important part of feminity in those novels. When the heroine was about to go on an outing, her outfit for the occasion […]

Romance Reading So Far This Year

In 2009, I’m keeping track of my reading. Here’s my romance and erotica reading so far for the year, divided by sub-genre: Contemporary:Janice Kay Johnson, What She Wants for Christmas [category]Victoria Dahl, Talk Me DownKathleen O’Reilly, Once Upon a Mattress [category]Julie Cohen, Mistress in Private [category]Kayla Perrin, Love, Lies and Videotape Historical:Sherry Thomas, DeliciousLoretta Chase, […]

Where’s the sexual line in shapeshifter romance?

Today’s wild speculation–where’s the sexual line in shapeshifter romance? I don’t think I’ve ever read a paranormal romance, or even a fantasy novel, in which a sex scene happens between one human partner and one partner who’s shifted into an animal form. With one exception, I’ve never even seen such a scene happen when the […]

Types of Paranormal Romance

I first entered writing through science fiction and fantasy, and still read from that perspective when, these days, I read paranormal romance. I enjoy deconstructing the elements of the genre, and comparing and contrasting paranormals to non-romantic fantasy. Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable. Here are some of my thoughts. There’s a theory I’ve […]