Rand Morgan – Hot Pirate

I bet you thought I was done with talking about The Windflower by Laura London. But how could I be done when I have not yet talked about Rand Morgan, Pirate Extraordinaire? I loved the sheer over-the-top pirateness of Rand’s characterization. Rand Morgan. They say he wore an emerald slit from the belly of a […]

The Gorgeousness of Cat (in The Windflower)

I recently wrote about classic romance novel The Windflower by Laura London for Heroes & Heartbreakers. In that post, I didn’t have a chance to talk about one of the most notable secondary characters, Cat, whose surname we eventually learn is (probably) Cathcart – it isn’t clear whether he uses it or not. After I’d […]

Sime-Gen and Romance Novels

A shorthand description of the Sime-Gen series is “Science Fictional Vampires,” but the stories are far from being that simple. The Simes, human mutants with tentacles housed in their arms, can only live through drawing life force from the Gens, who have the appearance of normal humans but are also mutants. The series explores, very […]

Betty Neels’ Books Rock – Guest Post by Magdalen Braden

Please welcome my guest, Magdalen Braden of Promantica!  A while back, I posted some thoughts on romance author Betty Neels.  Strangely, that post keeps getting hits…more than I would expect.  Alas, though I think her work is a fascinating part of the romance genre, I haven’t yet read enough of Neels’ enormous backlist to talk about […]

On Getting Away with Cliché

After a small hiatus from the genre, I started reading romance novels again in December, and I have some new thoughts. The reason for my burnout: the constraints of the genre had palled. Instead of soothing through familiarity, they scraped across my nerves because of their sameness. I found myself skimming over scenes of first […]

SF Does Austen: A Civil Campaign

I recently re-read Lois McMaster Bujold’s A Civil Campaign, which is dedicated to “Charlotte, Jane, Georgette, and Dorothy,” who are of course Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and Dorothy Dunnett. There are elements of all those authors in the story, but this time around I particularly noticed the Austen moments. Please note, there are […]