Have His Carcase – Peter Wimsey on tv

I’m guestblogging today over at Crista McHugh’s blog, on “Take All Chances.” Have His Carcase stars Edward Petherbridge as Peter Wimsey. The production is notable, for me, for the excellence of the sexual tension portrayed by Petherbridge and Harriet Walter, who plays Harriet Vane. Some of it arises from the book, most importantly their big […]

Gaudy Night – Peter Wimsey on tv

The most recent Wimsey series, so far as I know (shown in America on PBS’ “Mystery”), starred Edward Petherbridge and Harriet Walter. It includes Strong Poison, Have His Carcase, and Gaudy Night. I’ll start with the last one because it’s my least favorite.I first saw the Gaudy Night adaptation when it aired in the United […]

The Nine Tailors – Peter Wimsey on tv

While I’m out of town for Thanksgiving, I thought I’d post my comments on various television adaptations of Dorothy Sayers’ Peter Wimsey novels. It’s as good a way as any to occupy myself while I wait for release day for The Moonlight Mistress! Those novels are a major part of my fictional consciousness. I read […]