Writing (Erotic) Short Fiction – FAQ

In the depths of my website are some useful articles I wrote. I thought I would reproduce this one here, out front. Short Fiction FAQ Establishing yourself as a writer of short fiction can pay a little money and, more importantly, establish a “track record” which can help in making valuable contacts among your fellow […]

The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance – US Release

The American edition of The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance is available tomorrow! My story in the anthology is called “Crimean Fairy Tale,” and I had some fun with naughty Victorian slang when writing it. For your amusement, here is an excerpt, with some of the more colorful language included: The whores lived on the […]

Reviews of Dream Lover

I have a post up at The Criminal Element today: Hijinks with History: Abigail Adams as Detective? Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance, an anthology in which I have a short story, “Vanilla,” has received a number of reviews so far. The Discriminating Fangirl liked it–“Vanilla” was mentioned as a favorite on the romantic […]