World War I, a CBS News production

World War I, a CBS News production. Narration written by Arthur Kloch, narrated by Robert Ryan. Originally aired 1964-1965. The historical narrative in this documentary series is much simplified compared to most books on WWI I’ve read, and also the episodes are by topic rather than strictly chronological; so, watching this, it helps to already […]

Theda Bara in "A Fool There Was"

As part of my research into the period of World War One, I watched a video copy of the 1915 Theda Bara movie, A Fool There Was. It’s a silent, intended both to titillate and to warn against dangerous women. Interestingly, Bara’s character has no name–she’s simply called “The Vampire.” I did not find Theodosia […]

"The Good Old Naughty Days," silent erotica

Several years ago, I saw “The Good Old Naughty Days,” a collection of silent French pornographic films, mostly from the 1920s. I was foiled in my hope of seeing a period brassiere–the women didn’t wear any, presumably because they were too much trouble to take off; ditto corsets, in the couple of pre-1920s films. Oh, […]