“Garrow’s Law,” Series 1

I have a new post up at The Criminal Element today, titled Dynamic Duos: Wimsey and Vane. I recently finished watching Garrow’s Law, Series One. The series is a little bit like Law and Order: Georgian England, with Andrew Buchan in the lead role. It’s about William Garrow, a real historical figure, and how he […]

Cell Phones Make Life Difficult (For Writers)

When Tanya Huff’s vampire novels were made into a television series, Blood Ties, the original novels were re-released. The first time I read those books, I’d borrowed them from a friend. This time, I bought my own copies, since I was in the mood to reread them.(This post is not about that television show, but […]

Blackadder Goes Forth

Rather than summarize the British dark comedy series Blackadder Goes Forth for those who’ve never seen the series, I’ll provide a link to the detailed Wikipedia page. It’s set on the Western Front in 1917, and starred Rowan Atkinson. A comedy set in the trenches? Why, yes. It does work. Fans of the American television […]