Paranormal Allegories

I have a post on Heroes and Heartbreakers today: “If You Build It, They Will Come: Worldbuilding in Urban Fantasy.” Now, on to today’s post! What do the paranormal creatures in Paranormal Romance represent? Are they allegories? You could say, sometimes a gorgon is just a gorgon. I think, though, it’s valuable to think about […]

Janet Mullany – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Janet Mullany! # IMMORTAL JANEHe released her hands and stood. “Consider, Jane. You’ll marry some bore of a country gentleman who’ll kill you in childbed and who won’t want a bookish wife anyway. Perhaps you’ll stay a spinster and lose your bloom and die young of some disease they’ll find an […]

"On the Female Vampire," Evie Byrne Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Evie Byrne! # On the Female Vampire A monster is monstrous because it violates accepted boundaries. Often these boundaries are physical. Creatures of the twilight world like minotaurs, werewolves, insectoid aliens, selkies, sirens and mermaids cause fascination and discomfort because they are cross the reassuring threshold that separates human from animal. […]

Vulnerable Vampires

I would love to see vampire heroes and heroines who are more vulnerable, even, than ordinary humans. I know most readers don’t want to see that, but I do. Vulnerability is what draws me to a character. I want them to be in trouble so I can become involved as they struggle to get out […]

A Little History With Those Vampires, Ma’am?

I absolutely adore historical fantasy, and that carries over to vampire novels that happen to be historical fantasy.Moonshine by Alaya Johnson just came out this month; I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy in April, due to running into the author at a convention and, umm, begging. Moonshine is set in 1920s New […]

Non-European Vampire Linkgasm

In keeping with my run of guest posts on vampires, this is a special edition of Linkgasm focusing on our bloodsucking (and lifesucking) friends outside of Europe. Vikram and the Vampire, translated by Richard R. Burton (1870). More about the Baital Pachisi. A more academic essay on the Baital Pachisi. Article about Chinese vampire movies, […]