My mystery-reading binge isn’t quite as overwhelming as it was for a while, but I’m still in that mode, especially feeling a craving for historicals. I’m thinking of doing some rereads.

I recommend both of these series very highly.

Sarah Smith’s pre- and post-WWI trilogy that starts with The Vanished Child (this is one series that definitely must be read in order). This would be my third re-read, I think, inspired by 1) not having read them in a while; 2) being in the mood for that period, and that high level of literary style; and 3) having just seen Sarah at Readercon.

The Regency-set Julian Kestrel series, that begins with Cut to the Quick. The author, Kate Ross, died after writing only four of the series; however, the final book contains a number of character revelations that I suspect she’d meant to parcel out more slowly.

I have a lot of new books to read, of course, but sometimes a re-read feels like a vacation.