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Moonlight Mistress book cover

about the Book

As World War One begins, English chemist Lucilla Daglish finds herself trapped on German soil. She and a French scientist, Pascal Fournier, escape and share a brief, intense affair.

They are reunited as Pascal investigates rumors of werewolves and the rogue scientist who abducts and tortures them.

Meanwhile, a group of soldiers, including Lucilla's brother, deal with forbidden relationships, little knowing that one of their own is also a werewolf.

about the Author

Victoria Janssen is the author of two novels from Harlequin Spice: The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover and Moonlight Mistress. 

She's recently sold two more novels to Spice, of which the first will be The Duke and the Pirate Queen.

Read her blog here for strong opinions on writing, romance, history and eroticism!

about the artist

Setsuled's comics and artwork can be found at www.anelnoath.com. His work includes "Venia's Travels" and "The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko."

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