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“Under Her Uniform, a Spice Brief”: Kindle, $2.99; Nook, $2.99; Harlequin e-book (Adobe editions), $2.39. Google e-book from Powell’s. Mills and Boon e-book (UK). The Sony Bookstore. Audiobook at, read by Kelsey Larsen.

The Duke and The Pirate Queen: Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Powell’s
The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover: Kindle,, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Powell’s
The Moonlight Mistress: Kindle,, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Powell’s.
It’s recently been translated into Russian.

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Aboard her privateering ship, Seaflower, Captain Imena Leung is the law. Ashore she answers only to her liege, Duke Maxime. They are a powerful couple, with an intense attraction neither can disguise nor deny. As a nobleman, Maxime is destined to wed strategically, so his seductive advances must be purely for pleasure. And what self-respecting pirate denies herself any pleasure?

Their delicious dalliance is prolonged when Imena is forced to abduct Maxime to thwart a political plot against him. At sea, with a stunningly virile man bound and held in her private quarters, Imena can imagine—and enact—any number of intoxicating scenarios.

The heat between captain and captive is matched only by the perils that beset The Seaflower and her crew. Violent storms, marauding corsairs and life-or-death sex games on a desert island—how fortunate for the seemingly insatiable lovers that danger and desire go hand-in-hand. >> Read excerpt| Read Fabricating the World

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Audiobook at, read by Phoebe Stewart.

Moonlight Mistress

Nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award!

It is the eve of the Great War, and English chemist Lucilla Osbourne finds herself trapped on hostile German soil. Panicked and alone, she turns to a Frenchman she barely knows for shelter. Together they spend a night of intense passion, but their dangerous circumstances won’t allow more than a brief affair.

Even with the memory of Lucilla ever-present, scientist Pascal Fournier is distracted by his reason for being in enemy territory—Tanneken Claes has information Pascal could use against the enemy but, even more extraordinary…she’s a werewolf.

After entrusting Pascal with her secret, Tanneken and a British officer are captured. Suspecting a rogue scientist rumored to have a fascination with werewolves is behind the abduction, Pascal knows he must act quickly to save them. He’s all too aware of Professor Kauz’s reputed perversions and lust for control.

As war rages, Pascal and Lucilla combine efforts to stop Kauz, struggling with danger, power and secret desires.

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Italian translation.
Italian translation for Kindle.
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The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover

Wretched be the woman of wealth and fortune who fails to produce a suitable heir….

And wretched is what Duchess Camille feels living with the cruel and debauched duke. But that soon turns to desperation when she learns her lecherous husband is plotting to have her killed to make way for a more nubile and fertile companion. Knowing she cannot sit idly by and wait for death, she flees into the night, taking with her her own young lover—the stable hand Henri—and her most loyal servants.

With a mind to finding refuge with Maxime, her first love who years ago ignited her sexuality, Camille and her servants take cover in brothels along the way and succumb to the physical delights on offer, sating their longings and fueling jealousies with one another. But the duke’s men are not far behind, and Camille knows they must press on, hoping against hope that the man who has every reason to turn her away will remember the fervent passion that once coursed between them.… >>Read Excerpt.

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Russian translation.
French translation.
German translation.


“Under Her Uniform,” a Spice Brief. Kindle; Nook; Harlequin e-book (Adobe editions). Google e-book from Powell’s. Mills and Boon e-book (UK). The Sony Bookstore. Audiobook at, read by Kelsey Larsen.

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