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Simon Sheppard quote

From The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing, Simon Sheppard’s essay “Mondo Pomo Porno”: “So one of the things porn can do, especially well-crafted, thoughtful erotica, is help convince us that sex is worth not just talking about but … Continue reading

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the big bang theory of fiction

The “Muppet Morsels” glosses on my DVDs of The Muppet Show are sometimes only loosely related to the episode, so it’s hard to remember where this one came from. I paraphrase: “every skit ends with either an explosion or a … Continue reading

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Learning Who Your Characters Are

I am not one of those writers whose characters talk to them, not in the literal hearing-voices-in-your-head way, nor do I like using that as a metaphor for character creation. Probably because I like to be in control. I also … Continue reading

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Philadelphia Fantastic Reading

I’ll be reading at Philadelphia Fantastic this week: February 27, 20097:30 pmMoonstone Art Center110A S. 13th Street (13th and Sansom)Philadelphia, PA Philly Fantastic readings usually last approximately an hour, so this is a long reading. Attendees are invited out afterwards … Continue reading

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Sex scenes in romance novels: what I like

Sex scenes in romance novels, I feel, need to move the plot along by encompassing some sort of character change or modulation. But what else makes a sex scene a success? Clearly, it’s one of those questions in which individual … Continue reading

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Mark Twain on Mardi Gras

“The largest annual event in New Orleans is a something which we arrived too late to sample–the Mardi-Gras festivities. I saw the procession of the Mystic Crew of Comus there, twenty-four years ago–with knights and nobles and so on, clothed … Continue reading

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Synergy in Writing and Research

A good thing about writing several novels one after the other is that it becomes easier to notice patterns in the way one works. Some things I learned are generally applicable. For example, this time I know stretches of rough … Continue reading

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Suspension of Disbelief in Romance Novels versus Short Erotic Stories

I’m not making a huge point here, but I think it might be a significant one for how I approach writing erotica as opposed to longer romantic works. I think the reader of a short erotica story is more willing … Continue reading

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Revisions Take Time

I have rediscovered something, while working on revisions for The Moonlight Mistress: available time to write does not directly translate into wordcount. If I’m writing dialogue or description, but most especially dialogue, the words pile up faster. Word acquisition slows … Continue reading

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Types of Paranormal Romance

I first entered writing through science fiction and fantasy, and still read from that perspective when, these days, I read paranormal romance. I enjoy deconstructing the elements of the genre, and comparing and contrasting paranormals to non-romantic fantasy. Maybe it’s … Continue reading

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