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I’m attending the following upcoming events:

Currently, none, because I am being extra-careful about travel and in-person events.

Previous Engagements and Selected Program Items:

Virtual Readercon, August 13–15, 2021.
“Memorial Guest of Honor: The Works and Life of Vonda N. McIntyre”
Nicola Griffith, Victoria Janssen, Robert Killheffer, Barbara Krasnoff [moderator]

Virtual Arisia 2021, January 15-18, 2021.
“Comfort Food Media: Extreme Stay-at-Home Edition”
Randee Dawn [moderator], Kevin Cafferty, Deirdre Crimmins, Andrea Hairston, Victoria Janssen, Dan Toland

“1986: The Year Nobody Left the Comic Shop”
Dan “Grim” Marsh [moderator], Victoria Janssen, Kevin Cafferty, Kevin Eldridge, Dan Toland

Arisia, January 17-20, 2020, Boston, Massachusetts.

“Representation in the X-Men”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Sioban Krzywicki, Danny Miller, Daniel Neff, Ryan Pagella

“Writing War”
Kevin McLaughlin [moderator], Rachel A. Brune, Timothy Govette, Victoria Janssen, Connie Wilkins

“Why Does Space Get Opera and Cyber the Punk?”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Chris Brathwaite, M.J. Cunniff, Gabriel Valdez, Brent Weichsel

Philcon, November 8-10, 2019, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
“The Best Science Fiction You Missed Last Year”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Chris Kreuter, David Walton

CapClave, October 18-20, 2019, Rockville, Maryland.
“Like the Work but Hate the Author”
Victoria Janssen, Will MacIntosh, Don Sakers [moderator], Jon Skovron

“Genre Elements in Mainstream Works”
Beth Brenner, Kelly F. Dwyer [moderator], Victoria Janssen, Will McIntosh, A.C. Wise

Keystone Comic Con, August 23-25, 2019, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Readercon, July 11-14, 2019, Quincy, Massachusetts.

“Classic Fiction Book Club: The Steerswomen Series”
Kate Nepveu [moderator], Elaine Isaak, Victoria Janssen, Yves Meynard, Cecilia Tan

Arisia, January 18-21, 2019, Boston, Massachusetts.
“Marvel Comics 80th Anniversary”
Kevin Cafferty [moderator], Ken Gale, Victoria Janssen, Ryan Pagella, Israel Peskowitz

“Writing War”
Kevin McLaughlin [moderator], Rachel A. Brune, Timothy Govette, Victoria Janssen, Connie Wilkins

“Why Does Space Get Opera and Cyber the Punk?”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Chris Brathwaite, M.J. Cunniff, Gabriel Valdez, Brent Weichsel

Philcon, November 16-18, 2018, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
“A Tribute to Ursula K. LeGuin”
Simone Zelitch [moderator], Victoria Janssen, Kim Kindya, Miriam Seidel, Susan Shwartz

“Marvel’s Next Phase”
Jay Smith [moderator] Savan Gupta, Glenn Hauman, Victoria Janssen, Tauney Kennedy, Kim Kindya

“Fifty Years Of Pern”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Elektra Hammond, Hildy Silverman, Phillip Thorne

CapClave, September 28-30, 2018, Rockville, Maryland.
“Fan Fiction”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], T. Eric Bakutis, Steven H. Wilson, Alyssa Wong

“What Are the New Questions SF Should be Asking?”
David Bartell [moderator], Charles E. Gannon, Victoria Janssen

Readercon, July 12-15, 2018, Quincy, Massachusetts.
“Reclaiming Stories of Victimized Women”
Victoria Janssen [moderator]; Naida Bulkin; Teri Clarke; Hillary Monahan; Elsa Sjunneson-Henry

“Dorothy Dunnett, Literary Legend”
Kate Nepveu [moderator]; Lila Garrott; Alexander Jablokov; Victoria Janssen; Nisi Shawl

WisCon, May 25-28, 2018, Madison, Wisconsin.
“Fantasy Worldbuilding in Comics”
Aaron Kashtan [moderator], Dylan Edwards, Victoria Janssen, Jennifer Margret Smith

“When An Alien and an Astronaut Love Each Other Very Much”
Heidi Waterhouse [moderator], Robyn Fleming, Victoria Janssen, Charles Payseur

Arisia, January 12-15, 2018, Boston, Massachusetts.
“1982, The Year No One Left the Theater”
Victoria Janssen [moderator]; Nomi S. Burstein; Randee Dawn; Terry Franklin; Stephen R. Wilk

“Children of the Atom: X-Men and Representation”
Victoria Janssen [moderator]; Maddy Myers; Danny Miller; Daniel Neff; Ryan Pagella

Philcon, November 10-12, 2017, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
“Things You Should Read”
Scheherazade Jackson [moderator], Janny Wurts, James L. Cambias, Russ Colchamiro, Victoria Janssen, Michael J. Walsh

“Foundations of Worldbuilding: Travel and Transportation”
Vikki Ciaffone [moderator], James L. Cambias, Chris Kreuter, Janny Wurts, Victoria Janssen, John Ashmead

Capclave 2017, October 6-8, 2017, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
“75 Years of Wonder Woman”
Jeanne Adams, Victoria Janssen (moderator), Janine Spendlove, Fran Wilde

“Octavia Butler”
Victoria Janssen (m), B. Sharise Moore, L. H. Moore, Sarah Pinsker, K. Ceres Wright

Readercon, July 13-16, 2017, Quincy, Massachusetts.
“Recent Non-Fiction Book Club: Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly”
Teri Clarke, Gwynne Garfinkle, Victoria Janssen, Emily Wagner.

“Classic YA Book Club: The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper”
Victoria Janssen (leader), Sandra Kasturi, Miriam Newman, Sonya Taaffe, Tamara Vardomskaya.

“What Fiction Gets Wrong About Archeology and How to Dig Up the Truth”
Judith Berman, Tom Greene, Jeff Hecht, Victoria Janssen (leader), Robert Killheffer.

“We Have Always Lived with the Magic.”
Phenderson Clark, Greer Gilman, Victoria Janssen (leader), Kate Nepveu, Naomi Novik.

WisCon 41: May 26 – 29, 2017, Madison, Wisconsin.
“In Anticipation of Black Panther”
Inda Lauryn [Moderator], Candra K. Gill, Victoria Janssen, JP Fairfield, Krys

“Feminist Science Fiction for Beginners”
Margaret McBride [Moderator], Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, Eleanor A. Arnason, Rebecca Holden, Victoria Janssen, Gretchen T.

Arisia, January 13-16, 2017, Boston, Massachusetts.
“Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make Fantasy”
Victoria Sandbrook-Flynn (moderator), Randee Dawn, Ariela Housman, Victoria Janssen, Henry White

“Art Schooled: Style in Comics”
Victoria Janssen (moderator), Ken Gale, Mercy E. Van Vlack, Kevin Eldridge

Philcon, November 18-20, 2016, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
“Slooow Books”
Victoria Janssen (moderator), L.E. Modesitt Jr., Ty Drago, Tom Purdom

“It’s Time To Let Mary Sue Off The Hook”
Diane Kovalcin (moderator), Debby Lieven, Victoria Janssen, Philippa Ballantine, Phil Kahn

“Stepping Over The Bechdel Test”
Barbara A. Barnett (moderator), Victoria Janssen, L. Hunter Cassells, Anthony Dobranski, Sally Wiener Grotta

“The Black Panther”
Rock Robertson (moderator), Savan Gupta, Orenthal Hawkins, Victoria Janssen

“Where Is Fanfiction Going That Mainstream Media Still Fears To Tread?”
Diane Kovalcin (moderator), Aaron Feldman, Meredith Schwartz, Zoe Gray, Victoria Janssen

CapClave, October 7-9, 2016, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
“The Portal Story”
Martin Berman-Gorvine (moderator), Elektra Hammond, Victoria Janssen, Sarah Pinsker

“World Creation and Maintenance”
Ann Chatham, Sarah Beth Durst, Victoria Janssen (moderator), Lawrence M. Schoen

Readercon, July 7-10, 2016, Quincy, Massachusetts.
“Fantastical Dystopia”
Victoria Janssen, Ada Palmer, Andrea Phillips, Sabrina Vourvoulias (moderator), T.X. Watson.

“Integrating the Id: What Fanfic can Tell Us About Writing Sex, Sexuality, and Intimacy”
Samuel Delany, Victoria Janssen, Natalie Luhrs, Kate Nepveu (leader), Kenneth Schneyer, Ann Tonsor Zeddies.

C.S.E. Cooney, Gwynne Garfinkle, Theodora Goss (leader), Victoria Janssen, Navah Wolfe.

Arisia, January 15-18, 2016, Boston, Massachusetts.
“The Founding Mothers of SF”
Catherine Lundoff (moderator); Greer Gilman; Debra Doyle; Victoria Janssen; Jo Vanderhooft

“Haus De Fraction: Milkfed Criminal Masterminds”
Jaime Garmendia (moderator); Mehitabel; Thom Dunn; Victoria Janssen

“Headcanon and SF/F”
A. J. Odasso; Victoria Janssen; Catt Kingsgrave-Ernstein; JoSelle Vanderhooft

Philcon, November 20-22, 2015, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
“The Legend of Korra”
Victoria Janssen (moderator), Brandon Wright, Laura Kovalcin, Hakira D’Almah, Savan

“Sherlock Holmes in the 21st Century”
Hildy Silverman (moderator), Melissa James, Anastasia Klimchynskaya, Victoria Janssen, Steve Vertlieb

CapClave, October 9-11, 2015, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
“Food In Fiction”
Ann Chatham, Brenda W. Clough, Scott Edelman, Victoria Janssen (moderator)

“The Appeal of Doctor Who”
Cathy Green (moderator), Victoria Janssen, Alastair Reynolds, Hildy Silverman

Readercon 26, July 9-12, 2015, Burlington, Massachusetts.
“Drift-Compatible Fictional Characters”
Amal El-Mohtar, Victoria Janssen, Nicole Kornher-Stace (leader), A. J. Odasso, Navah Wolfe

“From the French Revolution to Future History: Science Fiction and Historical Thinking”
Christopher Cevasco, Phenderson Clark, Jonathan Crowe, John Crowley, Victoria Janssen (leader)

“Recent Fiction Book Club: Persona”
Victoria Janssen, Kate Nepveu (leader), Fran Wilde

“Classic Fiction Book Club: Herland”
Ken Houghton, Victoria Janssen (leader), Sarah Langan

“In Memorium YA Book Club: Hat Full of Sky”
Stacie Hanes, Victoria Janssen, Shira Lipkin, Rachel Steiger-Meister, Emily Wagner

Arisia, January 16 – 19, 2015, Boston, Massachusetts.
“Fan Speak: The Language of Fandom”
Eric Zuckerman [moderator], Nomi S. Burstein, Ellen, Victoria Janssen, Jo Vanderhooft

“Positive Representations of Women’s Sexuality”
Rachel Kenley [moderator], Barbara Chepatis, M.L. Brennan, Victoria Janssen, Vikki C.

Philcon, November 21-23, 2014, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“Is Fandom Still Producing The Next Generation Of Writers?”
Elektra Hammond (moderator), Anastasia Klimchynskaya, Victoria Janssen, Steve Wilson

“Expanding A Short Story Into A Novel”
Hildy Silverman (moderator), Brian Koscienski, Victoria Janssen, Mike McPhail, Fran Wilde

World Fantasy, November 6-9, 2014, Arlington, Virginia.
“The Great Game in History and Fiction”
Ian Drury (moderator), David Drake, Jim Fiscus, Jennifer Povey, Victoria Janssen

Capclave, October 10-14, 2014, Gaithersburg, Maryland.
“Romance and SF/F”
Catherine Asaro, Victoria Janssen (Moderator), Pamela K. Kinney, Natalie Luhrs, Sunny Moraine

Readercon, July 10-13, 2014, Burlington, Massachusetts.
“Everything in Moderation: How to Moderate”
Jim Freund, Elaine Isaak, Victoria Janssen (leader), James Patrick Kelly

“When the Magic Returns”
John Chu, Max Gladstone, Daryl Gregory, Lev Grossman, Victoria Janssen (leader)

“Speculative Fiction and World War I.”
John Clute, Felix Gilman, Victoria Janssen (leader), Jess Nevins, Graham Sleight, Sonya Taaffe

“Romance Recs for Spec Fic Fans”
Saira Ali, Beth Bernobich, Rose Fox, Victoria Janssen (leader), Natalie Luhrs, Cecilia Tan

WisCon, May 23-26, 2014, Madison, Wisconsin.
“The Once and Future Badass: Historical Women Who Inspire, Challenge and Unsettle Us”
Medieval PoC; Kate Bachus; Victoria Janssen; Madeleine E. Robins; Patty Templeton

“The Role of People of Color in Urban Fantasy”
Jackie Gross; Victoria Janssen; Daniel José Older

Arisia, January 17-20, 2014, Boston, Massachusetts.
“No Excuses for Poor Research”
Victoria Janssen, Elaine Isaak, Walter Hunt, Sarah Smith

Philcon, November 8-10, 2013, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

CapClave, October 11-13, 2013, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Readercon 24, July 11-14, 2013, Burlington, Massachusetts.

“The Works of Patricia A. McKillip.”
Brian Attebery, Shira Daemon (moderator), Victoria Janssen, Faye Ringel.

“Making Love Less Strange: Romance for SF/F Writers.”
E.C. Ambrose, Paula Guran, Victoria Janssen (leader), Natalie Luhrs, JoSelle Vanderhooft.

“Unraveling the Unexamined Privilege of Safety.”
Liz Gorinsky, Victoria Janssen, Mikki Kendall, Shira Lipkin, Daniel José Older (leader).

WisCon 37, May 24-27, 2013, Madison, Wisconsin.

“Imaginary Book Club”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Richard Chwedyk, Elise Matthesen, Jude McLaughlin, Jo Walton

“The Xenogenesis Panel”
Janet M. Lafler (mod), Scott E. Gould, Victoria Janssen, Oyceter

“Moderating 201”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Christopher Davis, Mary Kay Kare, Julia Starkey, Heidi Waterhouse

Arisia, January 16-21, 2013.

“Doctor Who: Companions Through the Ages”
Victoria Janssen [mod], Gordon Linzner, James Zavaglia, Jennifer Pelland, Santiago Rivas

“YA You Want to Read”
Victoria Janssen [mod], Adam Lipkin, Vikki Ciaffone, Aurora Celeste

“Doctor Who: The Dissertation of the Daleks”
Adam Lipkin [mod], Samantha Dings, Victoria Janssen, Forest Handford, Michael Lee

Speaker, Philadelphia Science Fiction Society meeting,
October 19, 2012, 9:00 pm. International House, Philadelphia.

CapClave 2012, October 12-14, 2012, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

“The Future of YA”
Warren Buff (M), Victoria Janssen, Sherin Nicole, Diana Peterfreund

“Romancing the Paranormal”
Victoria Janssen (M), Sherin Nicole, Jean Marie Ward

“World War I Comeback”
Andrew Fox, John G. Hemry, Victoria Janssen (M), Jean Marie Ward

Readercon 23, July 12-15, 2012, Burlington, Massachusetts.

“Subversion Through Friendliness”
Glenn Grant, Victoria Janssen (leader), Toni L.P. Kelner, Alison Sinclair, Ruth Sternglantz.

“Sherlock Holmes, Now and Forever”
Ellen Asher, Michael Dirda (leader), Victoria Janssen, Fred Lerner, Veronica Schanoes.

WisCon 36, May 25-28, 2012, Madison, Wisconsin.

“Anti-Heroism Defined”
Victoria Janssen (mod.); Rosemary / Sophy; Kelly Sue DeConnick; Lesley Hall; Chris Hill

“Gender-Variant Characters in Science Fiction”
Molly Aplet (mod.); Kerey Luis; Victoria Janssen

“Addiction in Fiction”
Cassie Alexander (mod.); Naomi Kritzer; Victoria Janssen; Derek Silver; Gregory G. H. Rihn

Philadelphia Fantastic, April 27, 2012, 7:00 pm, Moonstone Arts Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Arisia 2012, January 13-16, 2012, Boston, Massachusetts.

“Point of View”
Elaine Isaak (mod.), Michael A Ventrella, David Sklar, Victoria Janssen, Joshua Palmatier

75th annual Philcon, November 18-20, 2011, Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

“Story Openings”
Victoria Janssen (mod.), Marilyn Brahen, Tim W. Burke, Ty Drago, Michael F. Flynn

CapClave, October 14-16, 2011, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

Readercon 22, July 14-17, 2011, Burlington, Massachusetts.

“Paranormal Romance and Otherness”
Victoria Janssen (leader), Alaya Dawn Johnson, Toni L.P. Kelner, Kate Nepveu, JoSelle Vanderhooft

“Are We Not Men? Human Women and Beast-Men in Paranormal Romance”
Stacy Hague-Hill, Victoria Janssen (leader), K.A. Laity, Delia Sherman, Ann Tonsor Zeddies

“Matrilineal Heritage”
Gemma Files, Eileen Gunn, Victoria Janssen, Ellen Kushner (leader), Chris Moriarty

“There’s No Homelike Place”
Debra Doyle, Theodora Goss, Victoria Janssen (leader), Tom Purdom, Kaaron Warren

“Great War Geeks Unite, Part 2”
Walter H. Hunt, Victoria Janssen (leader), Barbara Krasnoff, Alison Sinclair, Howard Waldrop

Romance Writers of America Annual Conference, June 25 – July 1, 2011, New York City.

The Third Annual International Conference on Popular Romance, June 26-28, 2011, New York City.

Reading – Philadelphia Fantastic Authors and Editors Series, Friday, January 28, 2011, 7:30 PM, The Moonstone Arts Center, 110 A South 13th Street (13th and Sansom Streets), Philadelphia, PA.

Arisia, January 14-17, 2011, Westin Waterfront Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts.

“Re-Reading Childhood Classics”
Vikki Ciaffone [mod], Greer Gilman, Victoria Janssen, Sonya Taaffe

“Flirting with the Mainstream: Paranormal Romance”
Victoria Janssen [mod], Nancy Holzner, Gail Z. Martin, Kelley Armstrong, Seanan McGuire, Vikki Ciaffone

“Making Room: Your Day Job and Your Passion”
Victoria Janssen [mod], Steve Sawicki, Mark L Van Name, William Freedman

“Character Dynamics”
Nancy Holzner [mod], Gordon Linzner, Jeanne Cavelos, Ellen Kushner, Victoria Janssen

“From First Draft to Second Draft”
Ellen Kushner [mod], Victoria Janssen, Nancy Holzner, Kelley Armstrong, Rita Oakes

“My Friend Wrote a Book, Do I Have to Buy It?”
Elaine Isaak [mod], Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Felicitas Ivey, Victoria Janssen, Nancy Holzner

“Sexuality in SF/F”
Steve Berman [mod], Meredith Schwartz, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Victoria Janssen, Trisha Wooldridge

December 17, “Satisfying Endings” at Shelley Munro’s Blog.

December 15, “The Lotus Eaters” at Stephanie Draven’s Blog.

December 13, “Researching Asian Pirates” at Jeannie Lin’s Blog.

Launch party for The Duke and the Pirate Queen! Saturday, December 11, 2010, 3 pm, Big Blue Marble Bookstore.

December 10, “Romantic Settings” at Moonlight and Roses.

December 8, “Why Pirates?” at Inez Kelley’s Blog.

December 6, Interview at Kate Pearce’s blog.

December 2, “Research Mashups” at Risky Regencies.

November 29 – December 3, “Sexy Pirates” and giveaway at The Smutketeers.

December 1, “The World Beyond the Story” at Ella Drake’s blog.

November 30, “Writing Explicitly” at Kate Elliott’s blog.

Philcon, November 19-21, 2010, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, New Jersey:

“Breaking into the fantastic erotica market”
Panelists: Victoria Janssen [mod.], Stephanie Burke, Jennifer Williams, Lynn Perkins

“Is steampunk a rejection of the present?”
Panelists: Victoria Janssen [mod.], Jeff Mach, Gil Cnaan, Philippa Ballantine, C.J. Henderson

“The avoidable cliches of steampunk”
Panelists: Jared Axelrod, Jeff Mach, Victoria Janssen, Bernie Mojzes

“Vampires thick as fleas”
Panelists: Victoria Janssen [mod.], Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Michael A. Ventrella

November 17, “Hints of Mystery” at K.S. Manning’s Blog.

RWA 30th Annual National Conference, July 28-31, 2010, Orlando, Florida.

Readercon, July 8-11, 2010, Burlington, MA.:

“Axes of Identity in Speculative Fiction”
Panelists: Andrea Hairston, Victoria Janssen [mod.], N.K. Jemisin, Vandana Singh, Kestrell Verlager

“The Career of Nalo Hopkinson”
Panelists: Elizabeth Bear, Gemma Files, Andrea Hairston, Victoria Janssen, Gary K. Wolfe

“Fanfic as Criticism (Only More Fun)”
Panelists: Victoria Janssen [mod.], Alaya Dawn Johnson, Erin Kissane, Kenneth Schneyer, Cecilia Tan

“Great War Geeks Unite!”
Victoria Janssen

“Theodore Sturgeon Marathon Short Story Reading”
Victoria Janssen reads “Scars” and “Blue Butter”

“Not Quite the Punctuation Panel”
Panelists: John Crowley, Samuel R. Delany, Ron Drummond, Victoria Janssen, Barry Malzberg

Guest at Monkey Bear Reviews on “My Top Five Favorite Marriage of Convenience Novels,” 6/25/10.

BookExpo America, May 26-27, 2010, New York City, NY.

Guestblog with Lauren Dane for her Writerly Wednesday, March 17, 2010.

Guestblog at Midnight Moon Cafe, March 15, 2010.

Author Spotlight at Friskbiskit, March 10, 2010.

Philadelphia Fantastic Authors and Editors Reading Series: Victoria Janssen, February 26, 2010, The Moonstone Arts Center, 110 A S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

Arisia, January 15-18, 2010, Cambridge, MA.

Broad Universe Reading

“Jack the Ripper and the Historical Character”
Katherine Crighton (mod.), Victoria Janssen, Gardner Dozois, Susan Casper, Sarah Clemens

“The History of Fandom”
Victoria Janssen (mod.), Don Sakers, Marlin May, A. Joseph Ross, Paula Lieberman

“My Fandom’s Not Dead Yet!”
Melissa Honig (mod.), Victoria Janssen, Daniel Miller, Cindy Shettle, James Zavaglia

“The Timeless Story”
Eric Van (mod.), Victoria Janssen, Peter Maranci, Karl Heinemann, Terry Franklin

Paranormal Romantics, January 11, 2010.

Leah Braemel’s Blog, December 30, 2009.

Harlequin’s Paranormal Romance Blog, December 14, 2009.

Lust in Time, December 8, 2009.

Release Party for The Moonlight Mistress!
Saturday, December 5, 3:00 pm
Big Blue Marble Bookstore
Philadelphia, PA 19119

Interview at The Smutketeers, December 2, 2009.

Crista McHugh’s blog, November 30, 2009.

Romance Junkies Blog, November 24, 2009.

Philcon 2009, November 20-22, 2009, Cherry Hill, NJ. Here’s my schedule:

“Fantasy Based on Non-European Sources”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Stephanie Burke, James L. Cambias, Christine Norris, Tom Doyle

“The Books We Come Back To”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Michael J. Walsh, KT Pinto, Caroline Cox, Lawrence Kramer

“Making It with Vampires, Shapeshifters, and Other Creatures”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Desirina Boskovich, L.A. Banks, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Nina Ely, Stephanie Burke

“Insert Tab B in Slot A”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Michael Swanwick, Stephanie Burke, Lee Gilliland

“Where Will the Romance/Science Fiction/Fantasy Connection Go?”
Victoria Janssen (mod), Catherine Asaro, L.A. Banks, Oz Drummond

Star-Crossed Romance Blog, November 9, 2009.

CapClave 2009, October 16-18, 2009, Rockville, MD.

Victoria Janssen, Jean-Marie Ward, Diane Weinstein (mod.)

“Paranormal Romance: Just Chick Lit?”
Jean-Marie Ward (mod.), Mattie Brahen, Victoria Janssen, Mindy Klasky

Amanda McIntyre’s House of Muse Blog for “Coffee Talk” on October 1, 2009.

The Naughty Girls Next Door blog, August 15, 2009, “Sneaking in the Historical Detail.”

Anticipation, August 6-10, 2009, the 67th Worldcon in Montreal, Canada.

“Vampire Rules–and How to Recognize Them Without a Mirror”
Victoria Janssen (mod.), Inanna Arthen, John Joseph Adams

“Erotic Writing Sources and Venues”
Nica Berry (mod.), Peter Cohen, Jessica Freeley, Victoria Janssen

Romance Writers of America National Conference, July 15-19, 2009, Washington, D.C.

Readercon 2009, July 9-12, 2009, Burlington, MA.

Fiction That Defies Boundaries Blog, July 10, 2009.

Romance Junkies Blog, June 18, 2009.

Interview as part of “We Heart Historicals” event, June 8, 2009.

Wiscon 2009, May 22-25, 2009, Madison, WI.

Lori Devoti’s Full Moon of Werewolves, April 15, 2009.

The New York Review of Science Fiction, April 9, 2009, South Street Seaport Museum, New York City, NY.

In the Flesh Erotic Reading Series, March 19, 2009, The Happy Ending Lounge, New York City, NY.

Philadelphia Fantastic, February 27, 2009, 7:30 pm, Moonstone Art Center, 110A S. 13th Street, Philadelphia, PA.

The Erotic Salon at L’Etage, February 17, 2009, 7:30 pm, 624 S 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA. L’Etage is above the restaurant Beau Monde.

Arisia, January 16-19, 2009, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I blogged at The Deadly Vixens on December 9, 2008 and at Lust in Time from December 8th through 12th.

Release party and reading for The Duchess, Her Maid, the Groom and Their Lover!
Sunday, December 14, 2:00 pm
Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Philadelphia, PA

Reading at The Erotic Salon, June 17, 2008, Philadelphia, PA: “Camera.”

Philcon, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, November 21-23, 2008:

“Science Fiction and Romance”
Panelists: Stephanie Burke (mod), Mary Robinette Kowal, Victoria Janssen, L.A. Banks, Catherine Asaro

“Multi-Genre Erotica”
Panelists: Stephanie Burke (mod), Victoria Janssen, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, KT Pinto

“Whose Brain Do We Like to Pick?”
Panelists: Victoria Janssen (mod), Andrew Breslin, Genevieve Iseult Eldredge, Jim Reichert, Alyce Wilson

CapClave, Rockville, Maryland, October 17-19, 2008:

“Girl Meets Monster – Gets Boyfiend: Paranormal Romances”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Maria Snyder, Mindy Klasky, Traci Castleberry/Nica Berry

Reading, Saturday at 9 pm, in Twinbrook.

Gaylaxicon 2008, Washington, D.C., October 10-13, 2008

“How To Break In”
Victoria Janssen, Joshua Bilmes, Lee Martindale, Sean Wallace

Romance Writers of America National Conference, San Francisco, California, July 30-August 2, 2008

Readercon, Burlington, Massachusetts, July 17-20, 2008:

“You Got Spec Fic in My Romance! (And Vice Versa!)”
Victoria Janssen (L) with Nina Harper, Mary Kay Kare, Terry McGarry, Gayle Surrette, Nancy Werlin

WisCon, Madison, Wisconsin, May 23-26, 2008:

“Porn Crushes the Patriarchy!”
Victoria Janssen [moderator]; Mary Anne Mohanraj, Celia May Hart, Sacchi Green, Anna Black/Jenna Reynolds

“Being the Heroine of a Romance Novel Doesn’t Make Me Weak”
Victoria Janssen [moderator], Lori Devoti, Chris Merrill, Anna Black/Jenna Reynolds, Betsy Urbik

Please email me if you would like further information on past panel discussions.