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Accomplishments This Month

I haven’t spent a lot of time writing this month (mostly on purpose), but I did accomplish a few things, most of them very necessary. 1. I bought some books on the craft of writing, which I haven’t done in … Continue reading

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Fashion Magazines and Writing

I have a confession to make. I subscribe to several fashion magazines. I keep them in the bathroom, mostly. Sometimes I take them on airplanes. But, see, they are good for my writing. Really. Fashion magazines are very image-heavy. They … Continue reading

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Coffee, Tea, and Worldbuilding

One component of worldbuilding that’s often forgotten is background economics. Take coffee, for example. Coffee originated in Africa. It wasn’t readily available in Europe until after 1616, and didn’t start to be cultivated on a large scale by Europeans until … Continue reading

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Saddle Shoes

If you missed it Friday evening, I posted on “Undressing the Hero: Judith Ivory’s Untie My Heart” for Heroes and Heartbreakers. # For my birthday this year, I decided to get myself a pair of shoes. My first choice was … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, “The Death-Bed”

The Death-Bed He drowsed and was aware of silence heaped Round him, unshaken as the steadfast walls; Aqueous like floating rays of amber light, Soaring and quivering in the wings of sleep. Silence and safety; and his mortal shore Lipped … Continue reading

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Robert Service, “My Bay’nit”

My Bay’nit When first I left Blighty they gave me a bay’nit And told me it ‘ad to be smothered wiv gore; But blimey! I ‘aven’t been able to stain it, So far as I’ve gone wiv the vintage of … Continue reading

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Academic Heroines

I wrote a post, “Undressing the Hero: Judith Ivory’s Untie My Heart” for Heroes and Heartbreakers that went live today. Now on to today’s topic. I don’t intend to make “unusual heroines” a weekly thing, but I do want to … Continue reading

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New Finds and New DNFs – Mystery

I’ve been on a mystery kick lately, and I tried some new-to-me authors this time around. Winners for me were Chelsea Cain (Heartsick) and Joanne Dobson (Quieter than Sleep and its sequels) and Barbara Hamilton, who is actually Barbara Hambly, … Continue reading

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Accepting Compliments

I have to work on accepting compliments about my writing. It’s weird to think of that as a skill that one must acquire, but the more I talk to people about my writing, the more I realize how difficult it … Continue reading

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Tagging on Amazon

I’ve been wondering – how often have you found a book on Amazon through their category search? Apparently, those categories are somewhat fueled by tags applied to items by users. Many items with the same tag, for instance “erotic romance,” … Continue reading

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