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SF Does Austen: A Civil Campaign

I recently re-read Lois McMaster Bujold’s A Civil Campaign, which is dedicated to “Charlotte, Jane, Georgette, and Dorothy,” who are of course Charlotte Brontë, Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer, and Dorothy Dunnett. There are elements of all those authors in the … Continue reading

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Vorkosigans in Love

I was offline this weekend when my post on romance in the Vorkosigan novels went live at Heroes and Heartbreakers, but it looks like it’s getting plenty of comments.

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I got bookclubbed!

Last Wednesday night was the book club meeting I attended, for The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover. I made a special trip to New York City for the event; later on, I’ll post photos of the nifty … Continue reading

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“A Whispered Tale,” Siegfried Sassoon

A Whispered Tale I’d heard fool-heroes brag of where they’d been, With stories of the glories that they’d seen. But you, good simple soldier, seasoned well In woods and posts and crater-lines of hell, Who dodge remembered ‘crumps’ with wry … Continue reading

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Writing in a Vacuum is Better

This is a repost of something I wrote for the Novelists, Inc. blog last week. I’m on deadline at the moment, writing something that’s due September 1. Sometimes, being on deadline leads to procrastination (shocking, I know!), even though I’ve … Continue reading

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Vintage Naughty Co-Ed Novels

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The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance – US Release

The American edition of The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance is available tomorrow! My story in the anthology is called “Crimean Fairy Tale,” and I had some fun with naughty Victorian slang when writing it. For your amusement, here is … Continue reading

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“Blighters,” Siegfried Sassoon

‘Blighters’ The House is crammed: tier beyond tier they grin And cackle at the Show, while prancing ranks Of harlots shrill the chorus, drunk with din; ‘We’re sure the Kaiser loves our dear old Tanks!’ I’d like to see a … Continue reading

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Don’t Google Yourself, Write!

I’m over at Novelists, Inc. today, talking about why procrastinating by Googling yourself is bad in more than one way.

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Body Part of Sin

I did a “Fresh Meat” feature at Heroes and Heartbreakers this week on Eve Silver’s Body of Sin. No, not body part of sin. Though that would have been funny. Also, Lynn Spencer at the All About Romance blog read … Continue reading

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