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Heroine Doe

What do you look for in a romance heroine? Or the heroine of a space opera, or of a quest fantasy? What kind of heroine always makes you want to read further?Does she need to be an orphan, or have … Continue reading

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Types of Masculinity

What does it mean, to be a man? To be masculine? What does it mean to be a man who is the hero of a romance novel?Romance readers, including me, often talk about “alpha” or “beta” heroes as two generalized … Continue reading

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I Am My Own Muse

How’s that for a pretentious title? But aren’t all writers, really, their own muses? It’s sort of in how you talk about it. Some personify, and talk about their “muse” as if it’s something/someone outside of them. Others, like me, … Continue reading

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Galleys now available for THE DUKE & THE PIRATE QUEEN

The Duke and the Pirate Queen is now available on NetGalley if you’re a reviewer who’s registered with the site. If you’re just curious about the service, here’s the FAQ.Excerpt from the opening chapter. Second excerpt. Third excerpt. Fourth excerpt. … Continue reading

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Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, "Retreat"

Retreat Broken, bewildered by the long retreat Across the stifling leagues of southern plain, Across the scorching leagues of trampled grain, Half-stunned, half-blinded, by the trudge of feet And dusty smother of the AugustHe dreamt of flowers in an English … Continue reading

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Edmund Blunden, “The Zonnebeke Road”

The Zonnebeke Road Morning, if this late withered light can claim Some kindred with that merry flame Which the young day was wont to fling through space! Agony stares from each grey face. And yet the day is come; stand … Continue reading

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Prose Architecture and Experimentation

Back when I wrote a lot more short stories, I used to use each one as an opportunity for experimentation. This was partly because I feel experimentation is one of the best ways to improve your writing, and partly so … Continue reading

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LeGuin Festschrift

The Ursula LeGuin Festschrift, produced last year for her 80th birthday in an edition of one, will be coming out in print for the rest of us October 21, which happens to be Ursula LeGuin’s 81st birthday.You can pre-order (at … Continue reading

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How Many Sex Scenes?

I recently read a contemporay romance and got into a brief discussion about the sex scenes.I’d been perfectly comfortable with the amount of sex that was shown. The story focused on the two characters’ relationship issues and issues that were … Continue reading

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The Best Part of Marketing

I’m not as dedicated to marketing my books as many advisors recommend, but I invest some effort because I can’t resist the idea that I can find more readers. In particular, I hope to find readers who have never heard … Continue reading

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