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Non-White WWI Soldier Picspam

Today’s post is picspam – these are all photos of soldiers from World War One. They weren’t all white. Not by a longshot.

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Dating for Writing

If I’m having a really hard time motivating myself to write–and by write, I mean planting myself in a chair to just do it–I make a date. There are several advantages to making a date.1. The time is scheduled. I … Continue reading

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Which Book? Oh, Which?

So many books, so little time! How do I choose what to read next? The illustration for this post is some of my giant To Be Read pile, extracted from its boxes and strewn all over my bed for its … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, "Lamentations"

Lamentations I found him in the guard-room at the Base.From the blind darkness I had heard his cryingAnd blundered in. With puzzled, patient faceA sergeant watched him; it was no good trying To stop it; for he howled and beat … Continue reading

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"The End," Wilfred Owen

The End After the blast of lightning from the east, The flourish of loud clouds, the Chariot Throne; After the drums of time have rolled and ceased, And by the bronze west long retreat is blown, Shall Life renew these … Continue reading

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Voirey Linger – Guest Post

I’m elsewhere today! You can find me talking about my top five favorite Marriage of Convenience novels at Monkey Bear Reviews. Read a 100-word story I wrote here. I’m also a guest poster today at the Novelists, Inc. Blog on … Continue reading

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Worms Are Eating In My Brain, Swamps, Etc.

I often think of my writing process—the part that goes on inside my head—as composting. The worms of my brain take in information, process it, and expel it. (Okay, so maybe not the tastiest metaphor….) Maybe it’s more like stuff … Continue reading

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My TBR or The Andes?

My To Be Read book piles are scary. I suspect pretty much everyone who loves books has a TBR; if they’re not the sort who keep physical books around, or the sort to equivalently load up their e-readers, I would … Continue reading

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Taking the Bookmark Plunge

After much pondering and asking people, I decided to have bookmarks made for The Duke and the Pirate Queen. I am very much not an artist, so I hired Jax Cassidy of Jaxadora Design to make pretty ones that utilized … Continue reading

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"On the Female Vampire," Evie Byrne Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Evie Byrne! # On the Female Vampire A monster is monstrous because it violates accepted boundaries. Often these boundaries are physical. Creatures of the twilight world like minotaurs, werewolves, insectoid aliens, selkies, sirens and mermaids cause … Continue reading

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