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December 2014 Reading Log

I was on vacation for part of December, so I got to read more than usual! Fiction: Love Waltzes In by Alana Albertson – Contemporary romance in which the description of life as a dancer on a celebrity ballroom dance … Continue reading

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November 2014 Reading Log

Fiction: Still Life With Murder by P.B. Ryan – First in the Nell Sweeney series, it’s a historical mystery set in Gilded Age Boston. The heroine has a terrible past and so does the man accused of murder, whom it … Continue reading

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September/October 2014 Reading Log

I didn’t read very much beyond nonfiction in progress in September. Fanfiction: London Orbital by merripestin (Sherlock) features Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Sally Donovan, and Greg Lestrade trapped together in a car all night, for a case. Snappy dialogue ensues. … Continue reading

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Daredevil 1:3 – 1:4 – Spoilers

Episode Three: 1. I’m still impressed by how this show is showing the moral complications of vigilantism, even when it’s against organized crime, without offering any easy solutions. Matt even makes a speech about morality in court. This episode goes … Continue reading

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