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Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning – WWI Challenge

My next book for The WWI Challenge is Sites of Memory, Sites of Mourning: The Great War in European Cultural History by Jay Winter. I actually started reading this book at the very end of last year, but I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Short Story Sale!

Sale! No matter how many stories I’ve sold so far, it’s still cheering when I sell another, particularly when it’s a new story rather than a reprint. I’ve sold an erotic short story, “8:00 PM Appointment Tee Vee” to a … Continue reading

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Coriolanus (2011)

I saw the Ralph Fiennes-directed movie of “Coriolanus” several weeks ago, in one of our local art-movie theaters. I had never seen the play performed, and had never read it, though I did read a detailed summary ahead of time. … Continue reading

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“Wache,” August Stramm

Wache Das Turmkreuz schrickt ein Stern Der Gaul schnappt Rauch Eisen klirrt verschlafen Nebel streichen Schauer Starren Frösteln Frösteln Streicheln Raunen Du! –August Stramm

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Yes, I saw “John Carter”

…and it wasn’t bad at all. A friend of mine really wanted to see “John Carter” (which really ought to have been titled “A Princess of Mars”), and she talked me and another friend into going with her. I was … Continue reading

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Analyzing Antryg

I recently re-read one of my favorite trilogies by Barbara Hambly, the Windrose Chronicles. Partly I did so for enjoyment, partly because I intended to blog about the experience (My Heroes & Heartbreakers post). This read, I also wanted to … Continue reading

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The Gorgeousness of Cat (in The Windflower)

I recently wrote about classic romance novel The Windflower by Laura London for Heroes & Heartbreakers. In that post, I didn’t have a chance to talk about one of the most notable secondary characters, Cat, whose surname we eventually learn … Continue reading

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“Antwerp,” Ford Madox Hueffer

Antwerp I Gloom! An October like November; August a hundred thousand hours, And all September, A hundred thousand, dragging sunlit days, And half October like a thousand years … And doom! That then was Antwerp … In the name of … Continue reading

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“‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint.” – Vintage Erotica Cover

This cover proves that the Paranormal Romance subgenre started earlier than we thought it did. Behold the Parrot Shifter.

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Sime-Gen and Slashiness

My previous post on House of Zeor (1974) by Jacqueline Lichtenberg is about Sime-Gen and Romance Novels. If you will recall, in my last post I noted that though the author of House of Zeor explicitly excluded sexuality from the … Continue reading

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