Worldcon is Way Cool. (Anticipation in Montreal)

Five Things That Are Cool About Worldcon (Anticipation in Montreal) 1. Anticipation is having programming in two languages, English and French. This is especially nifty because most years, “Worldcon” takes place in an English-speaking country, and that’s usually the only language used for panels. Japan is a recent exception. 2. Is this not the coolest […]

Montreal, day two

Yesterday was our trip to Pointe-à-Callière, the archaeology museum I’d really looking forward to seeing. It’s built on the foundations of the old customs house, and down in the basement you can see various foundations and the results of excavations in the area, which had centuries worth of human occupation. There’s also a nice observatory, […]

Some Montreal Food

Tea and tarte au citron on Monday afternoon. The smudge in the meringue was my fault. Monday night’s Mongolian fondue. The pot has two kinds of broth, one spicy and one mild, into which one drops slices of meat, vegetables, and tofu. It was way yummy. Dessert from Tuesday’s lunch–the fire alarm at the museum […]

Montreal day one

Made it to Montreal only two hours late (plane had mechanical problems at previous origin point). Our hotel has goldfish! In a giant pond with little bridges you can walk on! C. and I looked at lots of architecture then spent a really long time at the Basilica of Notre Dame wandering around and admiring […]

Edmund Blunden, "Premature Rejoicing"

Premature Rejoicing What’s that over there? Thiepval Wood. Take a steady look at it; it’ll do you good.Here, these glasses will help you. See any flowers?There sleeps Titania (correct–the Wood is ours);There sleeps Titania in a deep dugout,Waking, she wonders what all the din’s about,And smiles through her tears, and looks ahead ten years,And sees […]

Edmund Blunden, "Thiepval Wood"

Thiepval Wood The tired air groans as the heavies swing over, the river-hollows boom;The shell-fountains leap from the swamps, and with wildfire and fumeThe shoulder of the chalkdown convulses.Then the jabbering echoes stampede in the slatting wood,Ember-black the gibbet trees like bones or thorns protrudeFrom the poisonous smoke–past all impulses.To them these silvery dews can […]