The Year in Sales – 2010

Aside from The Duke and The Pirate Queen being out this month, I sold some short stories this year.

In January, “The Token” appeared in the print edition of Alleys & Doorways: Stories of Queer Urban Fantasy, edited by Meredith Schwartz.

In July, my flash fiction “The Princess”–only one hundred words long!–was in Alison Tyler’s anthology for Spice, Alison’s Wonderland.

In October, a reprint of “The Magnificent Threesome,” a fun Western story, appeared in Linda Alvarez’ anthology The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes.

In 2010, I also sold two stories that will appear in print in spring 2011. “Vanilla” sold to Dream Lover: Paranormal Tales of Erotic Romance, edited by Kristina Wright. “Crimean Fairy Tale” was written for The Mammoth Book of Hot Romance, edited by Maxim Jakubowski.

Finally, I tried an experiment in self-publishing a small reprint collection, Erotic Exploits, for Kindle, with cover by Jaxadora Design. I collected the lesbian speculative fiction I wrote for various anthologies, some of it from early in my writing career, some more recent. Up to this point, “Free Falling” and “Place, Park, Scene, Dark” were no longer available elsewhere. “Free Falling” has a threesome in zero gee, among other lighthearted science fictional play, and I’m still proud of the zero gee details! “Place, Park, Scene, Dark” is a story about a werewolf, except she doesn’t turn into a werewolf during the story…that’s sort of the point of it, so it’s a little different from what you might expect. The collection is a mixture of science fiction and fantasy stories, four and three to be exact; there’s also a range of character ages and races. I made it available on Smashwords as well.

Tomorrow begins a new year. Forward momentum!

About Victoria Janssen

Victoria Janssen’s first erotic novel, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover (Harlequin Spice, December 2008), was translated into French and German. Her second Spice novel, The Moonlight Mistress (December 2009), was translated into Italian and nominated for a RT Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award. Her third novel is The Duke & The Pirate Queen (December 2010). She has also published erotic short stories as Elspeth Potter. Her blog features professional writing and marketing tips, genre discussion, book reviews, and occasional author interviews.
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