All about the programming in one place.

Many photos by Jonathan Crowe.

Many photos by Ellen Datlow.

Readercon 2012- Some of the Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year and What I Bought by The Boston Bibliophile. Includes a writeup of “The Year in Novels” panel.

Writeup of the World SF Panel by darkcargo.

Writeups of “Why Am I Telling You This (in the First Person)?” and Guess Who’s Coming to Fairland?” by Kate Nepveu.

Athena Andreadis on The Other Half of the Sky.

Jeff Vandermeer gives some details of the various panels he participated in – you have to scroll down a bit for them.

Michelle of the Green Hand Bookshop did a brief writeup of the Peter Straub Guest of Honor panel.

Janicu succinctly summarized several panels.

Amperzen on some Friday panels.

Hat tip to KAte Nepveu for finding this one: .

Also, there were some issues with gender relations both on panels and with harassment:

Genevieve Valentine wrote up her bad/ugly experiences with two different male attendees of the con, one on a panel and one not. Many people commented, some with similar experiences.

L. Timmel Duchamp comments on G.L. Valentine’s experience and on sexism at cons in general.