Top Three Things to Do At BEA

I leave for BookExpo America 2010 this afternoon, so thought it would a good day to post my top three things to do at BEA.

This is my first trip to BEA, so these are sort of theoretical, but from my experiences at other conferences, I am pretty sure they’re all Really Good Things.

1. Make sure I have the cell phone number of everyone I want to see while I’m wandering the vast wilderness of exhibitor booths. Before I leave home.

2. Carry extra business cards. Lots of extra business cards. Also, don’t forget the cover flats of The Duke and the Pirate Queen.

3. Don’t spill anything down the front of my shirt before I go and hobnob at the Harlequin Booth.

Oh, and hope events don’t fall out like in Murder at the ABA!

Your suggestions are of course welcome.

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