I tend to have a lot of different playlists. This is the one that, right now, says “writing” to me.

1. “This is the Life,” Amy Macdonald
2. “Heroes & Thieves,” Vanessa Carlton
3. “The Garden’s End,” Sarah Blasko
4. “There Is No Light,” Wildbirds & Peacedrums
5. “Have You Got It in You?” Imogen Heap
6. “Window,” Fiona Apple
7. “Seamstress,” Dessa
8. “So-Called Chaos,” Alanis Morissette
9. “Choking the Cherry,” Poe
10. “So What,” Pink
11. “Consider This,” Anna Nalick
12. “Hard,” Rihanna
13. “Dance or Die,” f. Saul Williams, Janelle Monae
14. “We Are,” Ana Johnsson
15. “Soft Place to Land,” Mary Gauthier
16. “Daybreaker,” Beth Orton
17. “Dark Room,” Sarah Slean
18. “C.S. Lewis Song,” Brooke Fraser
19. “Dance to the Drummer Again,” Cassandra Wilson

I think of this one as the “inspirations” playlist. It’s sort of generic cheer-me-up songs.

1. “Crawling in the Dark,” Hoobastank
2. “Song of Choice,” Solas (Peggy Seeger cover)
3. “Rise Up,” Yves Larock
4. “One-Trick Pony,” Nelly Furtado
5. “Virus of the Mind,” Heather Nova
6. “Another Train,” The Poozies (Phil Ochs cover)
7. “Mainstream,” Thea Gilmore
8. “Walk the Walk,” Poe
9. “Hammer and a Nail,” Indigo Girls
10. “Don’t Fence Me In,” David Byrne (Cole Porter cover)
11. “Learning to Fly,” Tom Petty
12. “In These Shoes,” Kirsty Maccoll
13. “Unwritten,” Natasha Bedingfield
14. “Turn the World Around,” Harry Belafonte
15. “It’s Not Easy Being Green,” Ray Charles (Kermit the Frog cover)
16. “Resurrection,” Brian May with Cozy Powell
17. “Finale (Allegro giacoso, ma non troppo),” Concerto for Violin & Orchestra in A min Op_53, Dvorak, performed by Itzhak Perlman

You? Any particular playlists you’d like to share?