Periphery anthology re-release

I’m at WisCon this weekend – which also means I can visit two of my favorite stores ever, A Room of One’s Own and The Soap Opera. Also, the Periphery anthology – lesbian science fiction edited by Lynne Jamneck – has been re-released in a wide variety of e-formats. My story “Silver Skin,” which is […]

My WisCon 2012 schedule

If you’re attending WisCon this weekend, you can find me at the following panels: Anti-Heroism Defined Fri, 4:00–5:15 pm, Room 629 Moderator: Victoria Janssen; Rosemary / Sophy; Kelly Sue DeConnick; Lesley Hall; Chris Hill What is an anti-hero, and what makes a character an anti-hero? How do you know an anti-hero when you see one? […]