The Art of War – World War One Poster Art

Today’s post is what is sometimes referred to as “picspam.” I find WWI-era posters fascinating. Here are a few interesting ones. I’ll post some recruitment posters later this month.

Posters aimed at financing the war were very common. Here’s a German war bond poster.

Here’s one for the Russian liberty loan.

Money was needed for relief of refugees and other victims of the war.

This American War Bond poster is unusual because it’s a photograph rather than a painting.

Sentimental appeals were quite common.

Familiar figures were appropriated for the cause as well.

Appeals continued ever after the war ended.

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6 Responses to The Art of War – World War One Poster Art

  1. LDWatkins says:

    Interesting, seeing the old posters. Hope we never have to see new ones!!!

  2. Victoria Janssen says:

    Some of them are really interesting as part of the history of illustration and advertising. I'm hoping there's a book on that somewhere.

  3. Christine says:

    I've always loved the illustrations on the war posters. There were some impressive and imaginative artists during that time.

  4. Marie Harte says:

    Nice post, Victoria. My favorite pic is the one with the female Marine that says: If you want to fight, join the Marines.
    I used to have the poster but lost it during a move.

    :) Marie

  5. Victoria Janssen says:

    That is an excellent one. There was a similar one for the Navy. "Gee! I wish I were a man. I'd join the Navy."

  6. jennareynolds says:

    Fascinating posters. My son is a World War II buff and the ones from that war are interesting also.

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