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One week to go!

One week from today, a New York book club is having a meeting. They read a “light” book every August. This August, it’s my first book, The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom & Their Lover. I was invited to attend. … Continue reading

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Dandy Gilver post

I had a new post up at The Criminal Element yesterday, on Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains, fifth in a series of historical mysteries I’d like to read from the beginning.

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Five Tips for Writing Erotica

Needless to say these aren’t the only five things to keep in mind when writing erotica. And these five things aren’t always going to be applicable. They can be useful on many occasions, however. 1. You don’t need to show … Continue reading

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“At Carnoy,” Siegfried Sassoon

At Carnoy Down in the hollow there’s the whole Brigade Camped in four groups: through twilight falling slow I hear a sound of mouth-organs, ill-played, And murmur of voices, gruff, confused, and low. Crouched among thistle-tufts I’ve watched the glow … Continue reading

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Erotic Book Covers of the Past

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Size Does Matter

The piece I’m currently writing is meant to be about 15,000 words. It’s been an interesting experience so far. I’m learning a lot about writing at this length. You see, I have written many short stories, almost all of them … Continue reading

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Women of the Mean Streets and Hottest Villains

In case you missed them, my guest posts from last week: at Heroes and Heartbreakers about the Top 5 Villains I Wish Were Heroes; and at The Criminal Element, Fresh Meat: Women of the Mean Streets, an anthology of lesbian … Continue reading

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“The Four Brothers,” Sandburg

The Four Brothers Notes for War Songs (November, 1917) Make war songs out of these; Make chants that repeat and weave. Make rhythms up to the ragtime chatter of the machine guns; Make slow-booming psalms up to the boom of … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Cowboys and Aliens

This post contains spoilers. Also ranting about stuff that irritated me, and getting far too intellectual, and probably getting incoherent along the way. I saw Cowboys and Aliens earlier this week, and though on some levels I enjoyed it (beautifully … Continue reading

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A Readercon View from Outside

Art in Paradise: Klingon-Free, an article about this year’s Readercon at the Valley Advocate. “The scene was small-scale in its charm, nothing but a corner of the Burlington Marriott with ballrooms, most of them host to panels discussing things that … Continue reading

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