Where are the older heroines in romance novels?

Not there. Not often. Not that I’ve seen.

And by older I only mean, like, getting close to forty. It seems to be okay for romance heroes to be forty or above – though I’ve noticed the author may let you know only once or twice and then not mention it again – but heroines? Not so much. Fifty and above? Even close to fifty? Where are they? Are they there, only hidden away in specialty imprints?

I wonder if this will change, now that the world’s population is aging? Or if there’s some ingrained marketing belief that post-fifty people are assumed to want to read about people younger than themselves, much as kids are assumed to want to read about kids who are a little older than themselves?

My favorite romance with a post-fifty heroine is Stitch in Snow by Anne McCaffrey.

And as a side note, I’d love to read a romance novel with a heroine for whom age is a feature, not a bug. Who’s perhaps happy she’s grown in wisdom and self-knowledge, because it gives her more resources to fight the vampires.

What do you think?

If you have examples of romance novels with heroines past forty, please share them! I think at this point I’d even take past thirty-five.