Sporty Women in Romance

Where are all the sporty women in romance? The female professional athletes, or the ones who played basketball in college? Is there no Title IX for romance heroines? For a romance with male athletes, I know to look up Susan Elizabeth Phillips or Kayla Perrin. But women athletes? Aside from various equestrian skills (most common […]

IASPR Workshops Announced

Workshop Summaries for this summer’s International Association for the Study of Popular Romance conference are now available. I’m attending, as an audience member–let me know if you’ll be there, and we can say hi! I’m particularly interested in these papers: –Jonathan A. Allan (University of Toronto): The Fetish Commodity of Virginity in Popular Romance Novels […]

Top 3 Reasons I Love Historical Romance

1. The outfits. Dukes have bigger…coronets of rank. Also, the hats. Men in hats. Women in hats. People these days…not enough hats. Or gloves. There’s something about concealment beneath all those almost fetishistic garments…it makes you wonder what else they’re hiding. There aren’t enough calling cards in modern life, either. Or boots: tall, shiny men’s […]