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WisCon 2009

Today, I’m on my way to Madison, Wisconsin for WisCon. I attend WisCon almost every year, and wanted to attend long before I had the financial means to do so. For many years, it was the only feminist science fiction … Continue reading

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History of WisCon

I’ll be leaving for WisCon tomorrow, and after checking something on their website, I found this excellent page: History of WisCon. It contains a list of the past conventions and their guests of honor. For some, the guest of honor … Continue reading

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My WisCon 2009 Schedule

These are the panels in which I’ll be participating at WisCon this weekend.Gadgets: Then, Now and WhenSat 1:00 – 2:15PMConference 4 Moderator: Michelle Murrain; John Helfers, Elise Anna Matthesen, Victoria Janssen, Allison Morris. Cyberpunk and steampunk are alluring gadget–heavy genres: … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Writing-Music Post

Writers often have a close relationship with music. Some write in silence, but those who write while music is playing are often very opinionated on what sort of music they choose, even to constructing playlists for particular novels. I’m a … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, "Autumn"

Autumn October’s bellowing anger breaks and cleavesThe bronzed battalions of the stricken woodIn whose lament I hear a voice that grievesFor battle’s fruitless harvest, and the feudOf outraged men. Their lives are like the leavesScattered in flocks of ruin, tossed … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, "Dead Musicians"

Dead Musicians IFrom you, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart,The substance of my dreams took fire.You built cathedrals in my heart,And lit my pinnacled desire.You were the ardour and the brightProcession of my thoughts toward prayer.You were the wrath of storm, the lightOn … Continue reading

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Pirate Romance For The Win!

I think romances with pirates in them, or at least sea adventure, have some of the best backcover copy ever. These are best enjoyed if read with great expression and appropriate emphasis on any use of pirate/sea/sailing terminology. Bonus emphasis … Continue reading

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Werewolves in Moonlight Mistress

The first thing I like about werewolves is that, unlike vampires, they are alive. And they will eat you. All up. Second, I like the fur. Who wouldn’t? Warm, furry werewolf to snuggle up to at night? And when they … Continue reading

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Of Wolves and Men

This post includes some of my research on wolves, for Moonlight Mistress. I particularly liked Of Wolves and Men by Barry Holstun Lopez, because it featured a lot of observations he and others had made in the wild. The book … Continue reading

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Resting, or Not-Writing

There’s an expression British actors use: when they’re out of work, they don’t say that they’re unemployed, they say that they’re “resting.” I like that for more than one reason. “Resting” is an active verb. You’re doing something if you’re … Continue reading

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