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Ivor Gurney, "The Silent One"

The Silent One Who died on the wires, and hung there, one of two–Who for his hours of life had chattered throughInfinite lovely chatter of Bucksaccent:Yet faced unbroken wires; stepped over, and wentA noble fool, faithful to his stripes –and … Continue reading

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Anne Sexton, "Courage"

Courage It is in the small things we see it.The child’s first step,as awesome as an earthquake.The first time you rode a bike,wallowing up the sidewalk.The first spanking when your heartwent on a journey all alone.When they called you crybabyor … Continue reading

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Why Not Twentieth Century Historicals?

Why are so few (print) romance novels set in the twentieth century? If you go to a bookstore and look at the section labelled “Romance,” certain things are there and certain things are not. With the exception of occasional outliers … Continue reading

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How to Write – Linkgasm #4

I visited Lauren Dane’s blog yesterday for Writerly Wednesday, to talk about Dialog Tricks. Also, Great War Fiction, one of my favorite blogs, reviewed The Moonlight Mistress yesterday! Here’s the link. It’s so cool to be meandering about, reading your … Continue reading

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I Like Being Reviewed

I like getting reviews of my work. Not everyone does. Not everyone is required to like it, or even to read reviews of their work. But some of us like reading reviews and commentary (which is how I think of … Continue reading

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Romance in Short

Having written a short romance story last month, I naturally had to think about how to do it. I’ve written many short stories, but I would classify them all as erotica whether or not they were romantic. This was the … Continue reading

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Guest at Midnight Moon Cafe

I’m a guest today over at Midnight Moon Cafe, on “Making the Paranormal Real – Boundaries and Consequences.”

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e.e. cummings, "may my heart always be open to little"

may my heart always be open to littlebirds who are the secrets of livingwhatever they sing is better than to knowand if men should not hear them men are old may my mind stroll about hungryand fearless and thirsty and … Continue reading

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e.e. cummings, "you being in love… (XII)"

you being in lovewill tell who softly asks in love, am i separated from your body smile brain hands merelyto become the jumping puppets of a dream? oh i mean:entirely having in my careful howcareful arms created this at lengthinexcusable, … Continue reading

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Write Your Bliss

You can have all the craft in the world but your writing won’t sing if you’re not writing your bliss, your joy, the one thing you love more than anything else in the world.It’s no good to say, “vampire novels … Continue reading

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