How to Write – Linkgasm #4

I visited Lauren Dane’s blog yesterday for Writerly Wednesday, to talk about Dialog Tricks.

Also, Great War Fiction, one of my favorite blogs, reviewed The Moonlight Mistress yesterday! Here’s the link. It’s so cool to be meandering about, reading your usual blog feeds, and something like this pops up.

But enough about me.

The Magic Treehouse Writing Lessons. No, really. Have a look. Especially if you’re stuck on something.

A really great post on Craft, Story, and Voice by Rachelle Gardner.

How to write a novel in 100 days or less, by John Coyne. It’s a day-by-day guide with some excellent advice which bears repeating.

Anita Burgh has a lot of good, direct advice.

I don’t think I’m organized enough to use the snowflake method of writing a novel, but it’s an interesting approach.

If you’ve never read The Turkey City Lexicon, why not? It’s not just applicable to writing science fiction.

An Insider’s Guide to Writing for Mills and Boon in The Guardian.

History by Decades gives brief information about (mostly European) history, by decade, from 1650-2000. It’s more a useful source to spark further research.

And just for fun, the Hollywood Plot-O-Matic.

The photograph is of Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

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