Non-European Vampire Linkgasm

In keeping with my run of guest posts on vampires, this is a special edition of Linkgasm focusing on our bloodsucking (and lifesucking) friends outside of Europe.

Vikram and the Vampire, translated by Richard R. Burton (1870). More about the Baital Pachisi. A more academic essay on the Baital Pachisi.

Article about Chinese vampire movies, “Horror, Humor and Hopping in Hong Kong,” by Ian Whitney.

Vampire Anime Wiki.

The pontianak and the langsuir, from Malaysian and Indonesian folklore.

From the Carribean, the soucouyant.

Bonus vampire movie links!
Vampire Movie Database, with brief summary information. Searchable. Everything from Vampire Vixens to Sodium Babies.

The Top 70 Vampire Movies of All Time at Snarkerati.

Bonus vampire book review link!

Dead Sexy by Kimberly Raye at Read React Review.

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