RWA 2010, Wednesday, Literacy Autographing

Flying sure does make me tired. I spent most of yesterday feeling very slow and inefficient at everything, and eventually gave up and went back to my room and slept. I feel much better now!

Here are some pictures of folks that I took at the beginning and end of the signing, when I had a little time to wander around and see people myself.

Luckily, for the Literacy Autographing, all I had to do was sit down and talk to people. I can do that for a while even while tired. But the best part of the signing? Leia Rice had her e-reader, and I got to sign The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover with a stylus! I’ve signed my first e-book! Alas, the photo doesn’t show my autograph very well. But I am still thrilled.

My editor stopped by and I got to chat with her; I also got to meet, for the first time, a representative from the German publisher of The Duchess, Her Maid, The Groom and Their Lover in translation. It was lovely to be able to tell her in person how much I like the edition’s dust jacket.

Also, I got to sit next to Beverly Jenkins! That was really cool.

About Victoria Janssen

Victoria Janssen [she, her] currently writes cozy space opera for Kalikoi. The novella series A Place of Refuge begins with Finding Refuge: Telepathic warrior Talia Avi, genius engineer Miki Boudreaux, and augmented soldier Faigin Balfour fought the fascist Federated Colonies for ten years, following the charismatic dissenter Jon Churchill. Then Jon disappeared, Talia was thought dead, and Miki and Faigin struggled to take Jon’s place and stay alive. When the FC is unexpectedly upended, Talia is reunited with her friends and they are given sanctuary on the enigmatic planet Refuge. The trio of former guerillas strive to recover from lifetimes of trauma, build new lives on a planet with endless horizons, and forge tender new connections with each other.
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5 Responses to RWA 2010, Wednesday, Literacy Autographing

  1. leiarice says:

    Who is this cute person?!

  2. Keri Stevens says:

    (a) Leia Rice, you are adorable and (b) I didn't know one COULD sign an e-reader with a stylus. I need to be learning these things right quick!

  3. Victoria Janssen says:

    I didn't know, either! Though apparently, it only works with a Sony at the moment.

  4. julieandrews says:

    It's a particular Sony model (or possibly more than one). Alas, my Sony doesn't allow that. That is totally what I'm upgrading to though!

  5. Victoria Janssen says:

    I wish all the readers allowed it! I could totally scribble on every page. *whistles innocently*

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