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Guest at NINC Blog

I’m a guest at the Novelists, Inc. blog today, on Moderating Panels at Conventions.

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When It Rains, It Pours

There’s something I’ve noticed about writing. Excuse me while I philosophize for a while. Often, writing itself, or sometimes doing things to do with writing, seems to create its own momentum. For instance, if I feel I haven’t sold anything … Continue reading

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Linkgasm: Cool Writing Stuff

It’s been a while since I’ve posted links, and they’re starting to pile up! I have interesting friends. Some of these links came to me through them. WriteWords Phrase Frequency Counter. Enter a number of words in the phrase (2 … Continue reading

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What Characters Look Like

This is another post based on a question from Tumperkin, who is really good at making me think. The gentleman whose picture is illustrating this post is actor Vincent Perez. Many writers have said they use pictures of people to … Continue reading

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Jane Kenyon, “Year Day”

I have a Valentine’s playlist up today at the new Heroes and Heartbreakers here. # Year Day We are living together on the earth. The clock’s heart beats in its wooden chest. The cats follow the sun through the house. … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, “Stretcher Case”

Stretcher Case He woke; the clank and racket of the train Kept time with angry throbbings in his brain. Then for a while he lapsed and drowsed again. At last he lifted his bewildered eyes And blinked, and rolled them … Continue reading

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Siegfried Sassoon, “The Road”

The Road The road is thronged with women; soldiers pass And halt, but never see them; yet they’re here– A patient crowd along the sodden grass, Silent, worn out with waiting, sick with fear. The road goes crawling up a … Continue reading

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Do Not Read This Book – Inez Kelley Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Inez Kelley! # DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. Seriously, don’t. I wrote Sweet as Sin and while I love it, you might not, so don’t bother wasting your money. Several reviewers have sung its praises. They speak of … Continue reading

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When a Splurge Isn’t

Some purchases may seem like splurges, but in the long run, they really aren’t. Here are a few of mine: 1. A netbook. When I purchased by Acer netbook, I already had a laptop. An aging laptop, it’s true, but … Continue reading

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Throwing a Book Launch

Have you thought about throwing a launch party to celebrate your book’s release? I’ve done it. I’ve done it three times and I think I’m getting a handle on how to do it. First, decide what kind of event you … Continue reading

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