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I had a new post up Friday at Heroes and Heartbreakers, a preview of Death and Resurrection, the new novel by R.A. MacAvoy.

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Writers take holidays? Is that possible?
Some writers write every day, no matter what; some, like me, take time off now and again. The winter holidays (for me Christmas and the New Year) are, for me, a time of genuine vacation, when I visit family who live far away. Except on rare occasions, I do not write during that time; I usually don’t even bring my netbook with me.

There are ways to manage taking time off, if you plan ahead.

1. Be aware of deadlines.

Either turn the work in before you leave, or make sure there’s enough time after your return (realistically!) to finish. This is easier if you have a good idea of what your writing pace is, normally.

2. Let your editor know.

If, for example, you are waiting for an editor to send you edits on a piece you’ve already turned in, it’s polite and, I believe, necessary to let them know when you’ll be away. Especially if you aren’t checking email while you’re gone. One email can save a lot of annoyance.

3. Take real advantage of the break.

If you’re taking the time off, don’t spend it all worrying about projects in progress. Sure, you might be reading a research book on the plane (guilty!), but the idea is to rest. Who knows what amazing connections your brain will turn out when you get back to work?

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