The Moonlight Mistress

The Moonlight Mistress

Nominated for an RT Reviewers’ Choice Award!

It is the eve of the Great War, and English chemist Lucilla Osbourne finds herself trapped on hostile German soil. Panicked and alone, she turns to a young Frenchman for shelter. Together they spend a night of intense passion, but their dangerous circumstances won’t allow more than a brief affair.

Even with the memory of Lucilla ever present, scientist Pascal Fournier is distracted by his reason for being in enemy territory—Tanneken Claes has information Pascal could use against the enemy but, even more extraordinary…she’s a werewolf.

After entrusting Pascal with her secret, Tanneken and her mate, Noel, are captured. Suspecting a rogue scientist rumored to have a fascination with werewolves is behind the abduction, Pascal knows he must act quickly to save them. He’s all too aware of Professor Kauz’s reputed perversions and lust for control….

As war rages, Pascal and Lucilla combine efforts to stop Kauz, struggling with danger, power and secret desires.

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Italian translation, Carezze Di Luna: Mentre scoppia la Prima Guerra Mondiale, l’avvenente chimica Lucilla Daglish s’innamora di Pascal Fournier, uno scienziato che nasconde un inquietante e sbalorditivo segreto. Quando lui le rivela di compiere studi sui lupi mannari, facendola entrare in contatto con quelle creature selvagge e pericolose che si aggirano fra gli umani ignari, per Lucilla niente sarà più lo stesso. Da quel momento sarà attratta in un vortice di passione e pericolo, di sensualità e inganno, di amore e morte, in un crescendo di rocambolesche avventure, insidie soprannaturali e passioni proibite.

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