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Sporty Women in Romance

Where are all the sporty women in romance? The female professional athletes, or the ones who played basketball in college? Is there no Title IX for romance heroines? For a romance with male athletes, I know to look up Susan … Continue reading

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Centenary of International Women’s Day

Today you can check out my post on “a romance for the ages, Kermit and Miss Piggy” over at Heroes and Heartbreakers. 2011 is the centenary of International Women’s Day! Joyce Stevens’ history of IWD in words and images. A … Continue reading

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Women in WWI Picspam

Women served in many capacities during World War One. Nurses. VADs. Drivers. Radio Corps. Fundraisers. Factory Workers.

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"On the Female Vampire," Evie Byrne Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Evie Byrne! # On the Female Vampire A monster is monstrous because it violates accepted boundaries. Often these boundaries are physical. Creatures of the twilight world like minotaurs, werewolves, insectoid aliens, selkies, sirens and mermaids cause … Continue reading

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Nifty Women Who Fought in World War One

Along the lines of “Nifty Stuff That Ought to be in Romance Novels,” there are some famous women in World War One that would be fabulous sources for heroines.I highly recommend Into the Breach: American Women Overseas in World War … Continue reading

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