Goals and Deadlines

This post was originally written for Leah Braemel’s Blog. A writer’s work is never done, and neither is her goal-setting. I have one goal staring me in the face right now: the deadline to turn in the manuscript of The Duke and the Pirate Queen. It’s due February 1, which means I’ll be spending January […]

Worthy Transgressions

People have been talking for a while about how there’s more erotica being published in both print and electronic formats, and how more people are reading erotica and talking about it, and how erotica is getting more and more explicit and transgressive. transgression: (noun) an act of transgressing; violation of a law, command, etc.; sin. […]

Ivor Gurney, "Strange Hells"

Strange Hells There are strange Hells within the minds War made Not so often, not so humiliating afraid As one would have expected – the racket and fear guns made. One Hell the Gloucester soldiers they quite put out; Their first bombardment, when in combined black shoutOf fury, guns aligned, they ducked low their heads […]

Black Wine opening

I really love the opening to Candas Jane Dorsey’s Black Wine (1997). # There’s a scarred, twisted old madwoman in a cage in the courtyard. The nurse throws a crust at her as he passes, therefore so does the girl. Others bring a can of water, or a trencher of meat cut up small, to […]