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#TBRChallenge – Competition: The Galaxy Game by Karen Lord

TweetThe Galaxy Game by Karen Lord is a complex, far-future space opera that includes the sport of Wallrunning. The skills and implications of Wallrunning, it turns out, influence events on an interstellar scale. I was very pleased to re-encounter characters … Continue reading

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My October Reading Log

TweetFiction: The Forbidden Stars by Tim Pratt is third in the Axiom space opera series. Like the previous books, it is banter-tastic, and has a lot of clever solutions to life-threatening problems as Our Heroes try to rescue colonists who’ve … Continue reading

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My December Reading Log

TweetFiction: The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt is space opera with a diverse crew of humans who encounter an old pre-wormhole, pre-alien-encounter ship with a single surviving crewmember frozen inside, a woman out of time. There’s an alien species, octopus-like … Continue reading

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