Siegfried Sassoon, "Sick Leave"

Sick Leave When I’m asleep, dreaming and lulled and warm,–They come, the homeless ones, the noiseless dead.While the dim charging breakers of the stormBellow and drone and rumble overhead,Out of the gloom they gather about my bed.They whisper to my heart; their thoughts are mine.‘Why are you here with all your watches ended?From Ypres to […]

Simon Sheppard quote

From The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing, Simon Sheppard’s essay “Mondo Pomo Porno”: “So one of the things porn can do, especially well-crafted, thoughtful erotica, is help convince us that sex is worth not just talking about but thinking about. In depth. …erotica is given the freedom to speak of consequences, to admit […]

Philadelphia Fantastic Reading

I’ll be reading at Philadelphia Fantastic this week: February 27, 20097:30 pmMoonstone Art Center110A S. 13th Street (13th and Sansom)Philadelphia, PA Philly Fantastic readings usually last approximately an hour, so this is a long reading. Attendees are invited out afterwards for dinner and/or drinks.

Mark Twain on Mardi Gras

“The largest annual event in New Orleans is a something which we arrived too late to sample–the Mardi-Gras festivities. I saw the procession of the Mystic Crew of Comus there, twenty-four years ago–with knights and nobles and so on, clothed in silken and golden Paris-made gorgeousnesses, planned and bought for that single night’s use; and […]

Revisions Take Time

I have rediscovered something, while working on revisions for The Moonlight Mistress: available time to write does not directly translate into wordcount. If I’m writing dialogue or description, but most especially dialogue, the words pile up faster. Word acquisition slows when I’m making subtle changes, or changes in many places throughout the manuscript. I think […]