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Genre is the Highest Form of Literature

I think genre fiction is the highest form of literature. I really do. If “highest” means most important to humanity. How’s that for a sweeping claim? Romance, fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. Those are the highest literature out there.For one … Continue reading

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The Journal of Popular Romance Studies, First issue!

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies has published its first issue! If only this journal had been around when I was in graduate school…but no, then I never would have gotten around to writing novels.So far, I’ve read A Little … Continue reading

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Fanfiction and Feedback

I’ve been meaning to post about fanfiction for a while, not really in connection with recent online discussions of literary fanfiction. Instead I want to talk about one particular reason why people write fanfiction. They write fanfiction for feedback, and … Continue reading

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Marriage of Convenience or Not?

My current novel is not a Marriage of Convenience. I’d been thinking it was. In my mind, for many months, I’ve been calling it “The Werewolf Marriage of Convenience.” Alas, I was wrong. My desperate desire to write a Marriage … Continue reading

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Reading our Grandmothers

Jessica of Read React Review, one of my favorite blogs, recently mentioned that she had never read Jane Eyre and had decided to do so. I and several others volunteered to read or reread it along with her. I’ll be … Continue reading

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Making the Paranormal Real: Boundaries and Consequences

This post was originally written for Midnight Moon Cafe.I was a reader and writer of science fiction and fantasy long before I read romance, and in many ways my reading tastes still reflect that early influence. I tend to favor … Continue reading

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History as Fantasy

In many ways, writing historical fiction is like writing fantasy. And reading historical fiction is like reading fantasy. In one genre, you have to look up a lot of tiny details to make the reader accept that the world they’re … Continue reading

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Romance Series-Itis

Series-itis: there’s entirely too much wordcount devoted to reminding us what happened to the hero when he was a minor character in a previous book, and setting up various other characters for their roles in future books, not to mention … Continue reading

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Where Are the Older Heroines?

Where are the older heroines in romance novels? Not there. Not often. Not that I’ve seen. And by older I only mean, like, getting close to forty. It seems to be okay for romance heroes to be forty or above … Continue reading

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Why Not Twentieth Century Historicals?

Why are so few (print) romance novels set in the twentieth century? If you go to a bookstore and look at the section labelled “Romance,” certain things are there and certain things are not. With the exception of occasional outliers … Continue reading

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