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Contemporary Historical Resources Linkgasm

TweetHere are a few links I’ve found useful in my historical research. These are all collections/archives of contemporary materials. Contemporary to historical periods, I mean.Old Magazine Articles, edited by Matt Jacobsen. “ is a Los Angeles-based website; privately owned and … Continue reading

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The Journal of Popular Romance Studies, First issue!

TweetThe Journal of Popular Romance Studies has published its first issue! If only this journal had been around when I was in graduate school…but no, then I never would have gotten around to writing novels.So far, I’ve read A Little … Continue reading

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Trusting Authorial Voices

TweetI’ve recently been thinking about novel beginnings, and how it’s common (and good) advice to start with big obvious conflict. However, I don’t think that it’s always necessary to do that. More importantly, I’ve been thinking about why that is … Continue reading

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"Vision," Siegfried Sassoon

TweetVision I love all things that pass: their briefness is Music that fades on transient silences. Winds, birds, and glittering leaves that flare and fall— They fling delight across the world; they call To rhythmic-flashing limbs that rove and race… … Continue reading

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Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, "In the Ambulance"

TweetIn the Ambulance “Two rows of cabbages, Two of curly-greens, Two rows of early peas, Two of kidney-beans.” That’s what he is muttering Making such a song, Keeping other chaps awake, The whole night long. Both his legs are shot … Continue reading

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Hooks and Anchors

TweetI recently heard about an article which talked about paragraphing in terms of anchoring and hooking. I didn’t find the article, but this is how I would use those terms. At the beginning of a scene, even if you haven’t … Continue reading

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RWA Conference 2010 Report, Part Two

TweetThe cover of The Moonlight Mistress is featured on Naked Romance this week, with some of my thoughts on it as well. And now back to my RWA 2010 report! Friday was my busiest day. I attended the awards lunch … Continue reading

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RWA 2010 Report, Part One

TweetAt last, my report on the 2010 Romance Writers of America Annual Conference! Scroll down or click the “RWA” tag for more posts and lots of photos. That picture on the left is one of the pretty floor mosaics at … Continue reading

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Picspam of Rupert Brooke

TweetI haven’t done a lot of research on Rupert Brooke (1887-1915); he’s not my favorite World War One poet by a longshot, and though he died in Greece while in the army (on the way to Gallipoli), he never saw … Continue reading

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Feeding the Muse

TweetI don’t actually believe I have a “muse,” but it makes a catchy title. The reason I don’t like to say “my muse” is that it implies the impetus for my writing comes from a mysterious outside source. If that … Continue reading

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