Contemporary Historical Resources Linkgasm

Here are a few links I’ve found useful in my historical research. These are all collections/archives of contemporary materials. Contemporary to historical periods, I mean.Old Magazine Articles, edited by Matt Jacobsen. “ is a Los Angeles-based website; privately owned and operated, it is the effort of one old magazine enthusiast in particular who believes deeply […]

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies, First issue!

The Journal of Popular Romance Studies has published its first issue! If only this journal had been around when I was in graduate school…but no, then I never would have gotten around to writing novels.So far, I’ve read A Little Extra Bite: Dis/Ability and Romance in Tanya Huff and Charlaine Harris’s Vampire Fiction, by Kathleen […]

"Vision," Siegfried Sassoon

Vision I love all things that pass: their briefness is Music that fades on transient silences. Winds, birds, and glittering leaves that flare and fall— They fling delight across the world; they call To rhythmic-flashing limbs that rove and race… A moment in the dawn for Youth’s lit face; A moment’s passion, closing on the […]

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson, "In the Ambulance"

In the Ambulance “Two rows of cabbages, Two of curly-greens, Two rows of early peas, Two of kidney-beans.” That’s what he is muttering Making such a song, Keeping other chaps awake, The whole night long. Both his legs are shot away, And his head is light;So he keeps on muttering All the blessed night: “Two […]

Feeding the Muse

I don’t actually believe I have a “muse,” but it makes a catchy title. The reason I don’t like to say “my muse” is that it implies the impetus for my writing comes from a mysterious outside source. If that were true, it would be out of my control. I don’t think that’s a good […]