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My April Reading Log

Fiction: The Hands of the Emperor (Lays of the Hearth-Fire Book 1) by Victoria Goddard was over 900 pages of fantasy about creating a good government and having your family recognize your achievements and figuring out how to incorporate your … Continue reading

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My October Reading Log

Fiction: Scandal in Babylon by Barbara Hambly is a reworking of her fantasy novel Bride of the Rat God as a straightforward historical mystery set in 1920s Hollywood. I was always sorry there weren’t sequels to Bride of the Rat … Continue reading

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American Memory Film Collection

American Memory Film Collection at the Library of Congress.Click on the title of the topic that interests you, then click on “List the Film Titles” for the individual film. That link will give you a choice of mpeg, rm, or … Continue reading

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World War I, a CBS News production

World War I, a CBS News production. Narration written by Arthur Kloch, narrated by Robert Ryan. Originally aired 1964-1965. The historical narrative in this documentary series is much simplified compared to most books on WWI I’ve read, and also the … Continue reading

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Theda Bara in "A Fool There Was"

As part of my research into the period of World War One, I watched a video copy of the 1915 Theda Bara movie, A Fool There Was. It’s a silent, intended both to titillate and to warn against dangerous women. … Continue reading

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"The Good Old Naughty Days," silent erotica

Several years ago, I saw “The Good Old Naughty Days,” a collection of silent French pornographic films, mostly from the 1920s. I was foiled in my hope of seeing a period brassiere–the women didn’t wear any, presumably because they were … Continue reading

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