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Suzy McKee Charnas – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, one of my favorite writers ever, Suzy McKee Charnas! # Delighted to be invited here — since I’m just fresh off a new vampire story, and, er, “sparkling” with stuff to say! I’ll be be on … Continue reading

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"Cold, Brooding and Dead" – Cate Hart – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Cate Hart, blogging on some of her favorite vampires in movies and books. # Cold, Brooding and Dead: Vampires and Why We Love ‘Em I think I can pinpoint when my love of vampire stories began. … Continue reading

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Gemma Files, "Everything Old is New Again" – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Gemma Files! # Everything Old is New AgainBy Gemma Files Back when I was a kid, in much the same way that I would have been utterly startled to be told that even an incredibly mainstreamed … Continue reading

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"Not Your Grandma’s Vampires" – M.K. Mancos – Guest Blog

Please welcome my guest, M.K. Mancos! # Not Your Grandma’s VampiresBy MK Mancos Since childhood, I’ve loved the idea of vampires. I sat in front of the television in glazed-eyed wonder as the Universal Monsters wreaked havoc on mankind. Bela … Continue reading

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Lydia Parks – Guest Post

Please welcome my guest, Lydia Parks! # Thank you, Vickie, for inviting me to be your guest. I’m thrilled to be here, even if only virtually. I know readers and aspiring authors like to hear how published authors got started. … Continue reading

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Vampire Books I Like – Science Fiction

I am not a huge fan of vampire romance, so my favorite vampire books are mostly from the science fiction and fantasy genres. Here are my top three science fiction choices. My all-time favorite vampire book is The Vampire Tapestry … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Like Vampires

I have never loved vampires. Rather, I don’t like the idea of vampires. This does not stop me from reading vampire novels, of course. I just don’t prefer them. The heart of my dislike is vampires killing humans for their … Continue reading

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